hoyes !

My computer is working as it should and I can get back to my list of "To-Do's" for LK! Excited much?

Last week I struggled to retexture the current hair on sale. But it is all finally in store. In packs as described before. I have re-jigged some of these hairs, especially the Tea Party hair ~ Hope you like :]

I figured I would do this now so it's nice and early!...

I have a little store on Bill, so i'm taking part in this hunt! I sculpted something cute for this! Don't miss it ;D It won't be for sale in the store!
[More info available ~ click the poster in the mainstore.]

*takes sledgehammer to screen*

>.< Over the past two weeks, i've had so many issues with SL. For One, i've come to realise SL doesn't like being run on wireless!! So I fixed that problem, and now it seems to be actual SL issues, since alot of friends are having similar problems!!

Anyways, up until now I had planned on releasing the current hairs, in 40 new textures. The hair will now be sold in packs of colours. (Blondes, Dark Blondes, Light Browns, Dark Browns, Light Reds, Dark Reds, Monochromes, Warm Rainbows, Cool Rainbows, and Cupcakes) I did this for a few reasons: One, I wasn't totally happy with the current hair textures and colours, and wanted more variations. Two, I am seriously close to my prim limit on Zaurak and have NO intentions of moving again, i've done way too much of that lately and i'm happy with my current neighbours. This has meant I can cut down each vendor to 12 prims (Which is half the current count.) The downside of this is I felt realistically I had to increase the prices slightly, but I sincerely hope you feel (as i do) the prices are still really reasonable.. I'm not about ripping people off.

I had plans of releasing 5 new hairstyles also.. but i'm having so many problems rezzing prims/objects, problems with scripts, or just myself rezzing, that it's become impossible.

So here's my plan: This Tuesday I go to Portugal for a week, hopefully when I get back SL will work like a dream and this will all be a distant bad dream ^^!

Until then, please please be patient cuz right now i'm like *ruffles hair and does a menacing cavewoman kinda snarl* yeah.. u get the picture lol sorry >.<

New for June 09

4 new hairs!

Please note that the hair IS modifiable, even if it appears not to be. Also, even though i've scripted these hairs with texture scripts, feel free to retexture them (the hairbands not the hair itself!) You won't lose the default scripted textures, just re-click the menu and re-select one of the textures listed =)

Sakura Skins

Ok finally i've got most of the new Sakura skins in the store! Hooray!

I wanted you to feel like you get your moneys' worth, so instead of milking it, as I feel alot of skin creators do, i'm selling the skins in packs, with different lip styles/tints. An extra for some makeups is the "Open Mouth" skin (I haven't done demos of these). Its slightly shaded in the centre, looks pretty in pictures and stuff =]
I still have some more makeups to put in the store, including some juicyglosses (the pack will contain 5 colours of glossy lips for 900L) So hold tight! I'm slowly getting there xD

Hope u like the skins! Here's a couple of tones and makeups in each (please see more in store)


Firstly I am SO excited with the opening of the store! It means so much to me to have people actually enjoying things i worked hard on and really put alot of love into =] So thanks to everyone that has supported LK. Anyways enough rambling!

I created skins last year, which at the time i was pretty happy about, they were my first attempt at anything like that. But when I re-opened, i decided i need to kinda revamp the skins ~ which subsequently turned into totally re-doing them!

So, i thought i'd give you a peek at the face, which is now finished =D Its a pretty youthful, fresh faced skin (?) Hope you like it! The skins should be ready by the weekend =]

not enough hair?

well then, i have more for u ;D

2 casual styles, and a variant of the "Birthday" hair. Spring was a style i've hunted for on SL but never really found.. so it's one I especially enjoyed making =) I'd be interested in feedback on these hairs! xoxo Enjoy

i wike fwied wice ;D

i love riceballs more :3